Social Media

Social Media

Plus Three works with all of the major Web 2.0 and social media platforms. Allow your users to cross-post content quickly and easily, stream videos through YouTune, Vimeo, UStream, stream content from Twitter and Facebook, integrate presentation with Slideshare and do much more. Following are just some of the tools we can integrate with your website.


Twitter is changing quickly as it prepares to go public and they begin to close their platform to compete directly with Facebook and Tumblr. Recently, Twitter began to adopt a“badge” concept that limits how you can integrate their con- tent on your website. No matter the tools they make available we will always keep pushing how we share and access con- tent through the large networks.


Facebook badges, comments, and login can all be easily implemented. Any tools that Facebook makes available you can count that we will be at the forefront of making them available to you as they become public.

Facebook Apps

Plus Three has developed Facebook apps that publish directly into the Facebook platform. Today, we can publish donation pages, directories, and contact us forms directly into Facebook.


Photo galleries that stream pictures from Flickr are a great way to display large amounts of photos on your website. Plus Three can integrate with Flickr and apps that overlay Flickr that make the user experience that much more interesting.

YouTube and Vimeo

Capabilities allow for a carousel of the most recent videos of an affiliate. Fully integrated with YouTube, Vimeo, and UStream, the affiliate website will be able to deliver its message to the widest possible audience online.


Share presentations in a rich and dynamic format using Slideshare. Plus Three can implement Slideshare and other applications and services that allow you to distribute different type of content across media platforms. If you can think of it we’ve probably already done it at least once.