Build Your Base of Supporters

Finding new activists and donors is primarily a matter of strong fundamentals: solid organic growth, careful acquisition, and cross-channel marketing driven by sophisticated modeling and analysis.

Plus Three can help you grow your list by helping you set realistic goals, developing a data-driven strategy for achieving them, monitoring your progress, and recommending adjustments along the way.

Our proven approach makes use of several key tactics, including:

  • Targeting and timing. Our technology platform stores detailed records of every action a supporter has taken on your site. Through careful analysis of this data, we can help you nurture supporters, moving them up a ladder of engagement that logically leads to financial support.
  • Building detailed statistical models of your donor and activist base. Applying this model to a pool of potential prospects can easily pinpoint the best possible candidates for viral acquisition.
  • Taking advantage of social networks. The Internet offers an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to learn about and respond to the individual concerns of their supporters, including creating online communities, offering opportunities for user-generated content, and providing outlets for online activism. It also allows you to tap into social networks to sustain momentum and respond quickly when a topic "goes viral."


Engage A Diverse Audience

While some organizations naturally target a demographic niche, many organizations that target broader populations are just starting to realize: if you aren't reaching out to a diverse audience, you're missing out on the majority of the population.

Plus Three, a minority- and female-owned company, has extensive experience working with organizations to engage Hispanic and African American populations, women, the Jewish community, and the LGBT community.

While each project we take on requires a unique approach, the fundamentals of reaching your target audience are constant. A successful, multifaceted viral marketing campaign requires direct email marketing, community outreach through social networks and blogs, partner and affiliate marketing, and targeted keyword advertising.

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Hispanic Strategies

Plus Three has produced some of the highest profile national campaigns for Latino nonprofit organizations and raised more money online for Latino nonprofit organizations and candidates than anyone in the country. Learn more.


Case Study: MALDEF

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Jewish Organization Strategies

Plus Three develops fundraising, list growth, advocacy, and media campaigns that distribute an organization's message online via efficient and centralized channels. Plus Three has employed strategy, creative design and online engagement tools successfully with numerous Jewish Federations, which led to increase in donations and greater funding to support the Federation mission. Learn more.

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Drive the Debate

Plus Three has successfully driven advocacy campaigns for nonprofits and political groups, including successful campaigns to see Sonia Sotomayor confirmed for U.S. Supreme Court Justice and to force the resignation of Lou Dobbs from CNN.

Large or small, your organization depends on its supporters. Whatever your message, taking control of the debate requires you to grow your "base" and engage them across channels, clearly communicating your message, responding quickly in a fast-paced environment, and providing them with the tools they need to be your advocates.

ARCOS gives you the complete suite of online advocacy tools your supporters need to advance your cause, including:

  • Contact Your Elected Officials
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Call Talk Radio
  • Petitions
  • Tell-A-Friend Forms
  • Volunteer Forms
  • Facebook and Twitter Integration