Easily segment your member list based on user activity, interests, contributions, messaging or database fields. Did your users take action on a contact, petition, registration, or volunteer form? Do you want to send mailings only to users who received, opened, or clicked through on a previous email? How about based on contribution level? These are all ways in which the member list can be segmented. Create new mailing lists based on these criteria. Or, download spreadsheets for further analysis and strategic evaluation.

Manage your users through segments. Separate users who had hard or soft bounce mailings. Build relationships with prospective members. Strengthen relationships with loyal members. Get to know your members through their usage preferences. Through segmenting your members, you can better appeal to their needs and create a more targeted approach to reach them.

ARCOS Segmentation Tools
ARCOS Segmentation

Easy, Powerful Segmentation

Our graphical segmentation tool is the industry's easiest, fastest way to target specific populations of your supporter list. With a few clicks, you can create a segment of people within a certain radius of an address, donors who haven't fulfilled their commitment this year, petition signers who opened an email in the last 2 weeks, or whatever else you might want. We can store virtually any data you have about members of your list, and if we store the data, you can easily segment on it.

Our segments are 100% dynamic. As supporters join your list and develop into activists and donors, we automatically shuffle them from one segment to the next according to the criteria you define. Prefer to write your own SQL query instead? No worries. We support that, too.

Complete Relationship History

Complete Relationship HistoryWe carefully track every interaction you have with your supporters and donors, including:
• How they came to be part of your list
• Contributions they have made
• Every actions they have taken)
• Each email you have sent and response
• Friends they have referred
• Event attendance
• Offline interactions like phone calls and meetings
• Any and all data imported about them

ARCOS Member Profile
ARCOS Geo Coding


For each supporter on your list, we use their ZIP code to automatically determine what city, state, county, and congressional district they live in. This makes it simple as pie to target your communications to supporters within a certain radius an event location, donors in a particular county, or whatever other location-based criteria you have. We can also append who their elected officials are.

Member Management (CRM)

Our most successful clients are those that use technology to help build personal relationships with each of their supporters, engaging them with highly customized communications and providing "next steps" that move people in a natural progression toward activism and financial support.

Our ARCOS platform provides a complete online Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) database that makes building these types of relationships easy, bringing the most advanced marketing techniques to all of our clients, regardless of size.

We carefully track every interaction you have with your supporters and donors: how they came to be part of your list, transactions they take on your site, each email you send and how they respond to it, event attendance, and offline interactions like phone calls and in-person meetings.

We make it simple for you to analyze this data and quickly create as many list segments as you can imagine. In no time, you'll be sending carefully targeted messages. Even the smallest organizations can use ARCOS' list management features to better engage supporters and cultivate them into high-value activists and donors.

ARCOS Member Management
ARCOS List Fields

Unlimited Custom Fields

You can add as many custom fields as you like to your supporters' records and to any form on the site--so whether you want to capture their T-shirt size or household income, it's no problem.

Easy Import/Export

All your supporter data can be easily imported or exported in common formats, making integration with other systems a breeze.

ARCOS Contribution Reports Export