Mobile Applications

ARCOS Mobile

Mobile everything provides the most unique opportunity in reaching, marketing to, and engaging the Jewish community. All of the direct response marketing rules apply to mobile while new advances provide the cutting edge technology and micro-target opportunities that increase the lifetime value of each member. The shift to “pay to play” model and the willingness of people to pay for content will ultimately change the Internet as we know it. We are continually developing our software to facilitate creating a vibrant and active community for your supporters to thrive and develop into activists and donors.

A couple of years ago, organizations who were taking advantage of mobile applications were cutting-edge. Today, incorporating mobile applications is essential. We work hard to make this sometimes daunting challenge easy.

  • Find users where they are
  • Security across all platforms
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly development
  • Consistent design
  • Audience wants to use any website or app on any device
  • Seamless integration
  • Centralized content and data
  • Relationship building with audience