ARCOS Content Management

Content Management

By using ARCOS, you can keep your website up to date with compelling content, easily stay in contact with members through e-mail and monitor the effectiveness of your communications.

Your content management systems needs to support rich media content such as: Audio Broadcasts, Video Diaries, Remote Broadcasting, Made for TV Commercials, Extended Format Programs.

The ARCOS Content Management System was designed and built to allow anyone in your organization to contribute content quickly so your website and e-mail can reflect the immediacy of todays dynamic media environment.

Advanced Template-based Publishing

Content contributors enter content through web forms that separate content from presentation so content can be published without requiring technical staff. Content can be published to multiple websites with different looks. Flexibility allows users to control overall presentation as desired. Content can be formatted to conform to your organizational standards.

ARCOS Edit Template
Rich Media

Rich Media Repository

Keep track of all of your organizations rich media such as images, video, audio and PDF documents in a single database and make them available to web contributors to be easily published to your website and e-mails.

ARCOS includes advanced image editing functionality that lets you rotate, crop, resize, and optimize images without the need for Photoshop or other graphics software.

Flexible Workflow

Allows your organization to setup custom workflow processes to support your content publishing policies. Distribute responsibilities for contributing, editing, and publishing content. Enable alerts to users at each stage of the process.

ARCOS Workflow
ARCOS Version Control

Version Control

Users check out content in to their personal workspace for editing and check back in upon completion. Every version of the content is stored in the database with a detailed log of changes. Easily revert to a previous version when required or check the version of content that was live on the website at any time to satisfy auditing requirement.

Secure Administration

Multiple levels of user access provide granular control over what content individual users can read, edit or publish. Permissions manage access to specified websites and sections and levels of each website. This allows departments to manage their own websites & web pages.

ARCOS Security Permissions
ARCOS Email Reports

Integrated Online Marketing

Integrated email and & Web 2.0 tools make it easy for your program staff to build an integrated campaign including targeted emails, custom landing pages, activism & advocacy features and detailed reporting that integrates email performance and user behavior on the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Analytics, SEO tools, Strategy Support, SEO-friendly URLs, Meta Tags, Search Engine Submissions, and more are all at your fingertips.

ARCOS Search Engine Optimization, SEO