Teach for America

Who is Leadership for Educational Equity?

Too often, where a child is born determines the quality of her education and life prospects. This educational inequity prevents children from fulfilling their potential and undermines our nation's economic strength.

In 1980, Wendy Kopp created Teach For America. She was convinced that many in her generation were searching for a way to assume a significant responsibility that would make a real difference in the world and that top college students would choose teaching over more lucrative opportunities if a prominent teacher corps existed.

Since 1980, Teach For America has become one of the nation's largest providers of teachers for low-income communities. It provides a critical source of well-trained teachers who are helping break the cycle of educational inequity. These corps members commit to teach for two years in one of 39 urban and rural regions across the country, going above and beyond traditional expectations to help their students to achieve at high levels.

When corps members experience success teaching in low income communities, they emerge with the conviction that educational equity is a civil right, and that the achievement gap is unacceptable and solvable, if enormously complex.

Leadership for Educational Equity, a 501 (c) 4 organization, supports Teach For America alumni who are pursuing civic activism and public leadership. It inspires its members to seek leadership in politics, policy and advocacy as a critical lever for long-term systemic change toward ensuring that all children in this nation have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

Its mission is to enable Teach For America corps members and alumni to realize high impact careers in public leadership by: (1) educating LEE members about the policy, advocacy and political landscape in their region and in the nation so they are inspired and ready to participate politically and civically; (2) equipping LEE members with the skills, resources, and experiences to successfully pursue public leadership positions; (3) helping LEE members become highly effective change agents for educational equity once in positions of leadership; and (4) fostering a thriving LEE community in which members support one another in pursuing public leadership and actively engage around political and civic matters.

How Plus Three is Helping

Plus Three designed, implemented, and hosts the Leadership for Educational Equity website,

The site provides both a public face for the organization as well as an internal social network for Teach for America corps members and alumni who are members of LEE.