BBYO Passport is the leading provider of travel programs for Jewish high school and middle school teens. Each year, Passport takes over 800 teens around the world for a summer of new experiences, new friendships and a new perspective. Passport trips span destinations on five continents and combine elements of active touring, community service, and meaningful Jewish experiences.

Project Overview

Plus Three began its work with BBYO Passport in 2008. At the time, the Passport trips were largely managed offline. People registered for trips by mailing in forms or calling the Passport offices, and staff members transferred registrants' information by hand to spreadsheets. It was a time-consuming process, and it kept the Passport team from focusing on what it does best— providing incredible summer travel experiences to Jewish teens.

and developed an innovative registration system for JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS TO ADMINISTER MISSION TRIPS

Online marketing company @Plus_Three deployed system for BBYO Passport and the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit

Plus Three, a leader in social media and technology for nonprofit and political organizations, has become the go-to online marketing firm for Jewish community organizations around the country. Among the leading-edge capabilities Plus Three has developed is a customized trip registration feature that is used by BBYO Passport and the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit to organize mission trips.

“When we began our work with BBYO Passport in 2008, they challenged us to create a trip registration system that would be seamless for users and administrators,” said Plus Three President and Co-Founder, Juan Proaño. “We are proud that our innovative system achieved their goals and is now helping other organizations reach new people and expand their mission programs.”

“Plus Three was able to tie together an exceptionally dynamic front-end user interface with a very creatively implemented back-end administrative panel for managing registrations. The real world result is a sharp increase in program registrations and major efficiency gains for our administrators. These are benefits that our organization will be able to leverage for years to come,” said Avi Green of BBYO Passport.

The mission registration system that Plus Three developed includes Trip Finder and Trip Builder, which BBYO Passport visitors use to customize their trips. The system also organizes the registration, payment and reporting processes and includes online forms for waivers, medical forms, and other information collection. The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit also incorporates a feature which allows multiple people to coordinate a trip together.

Their work with BBYO Passport and the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit is one among a host of examples of Plus Three’s capabilities. To learn more, visit Plus Three’s website at, or contact Alice Lincoln at (866) 945-4889 ext. 707.