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Get Elected Stacey Abrams

Plus Three has an exceptional track record of success in the political sector. Our client roster has included campaigns, committees, and PACs at the federal, state, and local level, including the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional and Senatorial Campaign Committees, John Kerry for President, John Edwards for President, federal and state senatorial and congressional races, and the Ohio Democratic Party.

Our software and strategies have contributed to dozens of major political milestones. We were the first company to harness the power of community fundraising for political campaigns, raising more than $2 million for the DNC through the e-Patriots program launched in 2003. The DNC used our software to out-raise their Republican counterparts for the first time ever during the 2004 election cycle. In 2006, our fundraising and marketing strategies helped pour more than $18 million into the successful DSCC and DCCC efforts to take back Congress. We helped elect Sen. Bob Menendez, the first Latino Senator in the Senate, two women Governors, two women Senators, and 58 female Congressmen.

Our software provides everything a campaign needs to succeed online from content and constituent relationship management tools, rapid bulk email delivery, and the industry's best and most innovative fundraising tools. On the cutting edge? You bet. We have the best viral marketing and community organizing tools available.

“Plus Three helped us do the impossible, a total website overhaul right before an election. The results were great, and Plus Three has since become an integral part of our staff. I couldn't imagine working without them as a part of our team.” — Gil Wilson, CLW