Plus Three in the News

Apr 26, 2020

"Los Bancos Han Fallado Totalmente"

El Diario

El lunes comienza oficialmente la segunda ronda de concesión de préstamos para mantener las plantillas de los pequeños negocios de EEUU. Hay una nueva financiación de $310,000 millones que sucede a una primera, de $349,000, que resultó rápidamente insuficiente de forma general y en particular para los negocios latinos.

Apr 8, 2020

Sanders Proved 'you can engage, turn out Latinos', says Top Adviser

NBC News

Sanders dominated the Latino vote, without having a Latino vote department, according to senior adviser Chuck Rocha.

Mar 18, 2020

Black Donors Gave $41M to 2020 Democrats Last Year, With Sanders Topping the List

NBC News

Black Americans donated nearly $41 million last year to Democratic presidential candidates, with Bernie Sanders topping the list, according to a new report by Plus Three.

Mar 4, 2020

Latinos boosted Sanders on Super Tuesday. A lesson for the Biden campaign?

NBC News

"Last night Bernie Sanders proved that if you invest in the Latino community, they will show up and vote for you in huge margins," said Chuck Rocca, a senior campaign advisor.

Feb 22, 2020

Los demócratas buscan en Nevada el voto de los latinos


El senador por Vermont recaudó 8,2 millones de dólares de donantes latinos, mientras que Elizabeth Warren y Pete Buttigieg apenas 2 millones, según un relevamiento de Plus Three.

Feb 20, 2020

Bernie Sanders's Secret to Attracting Latino Support: Talking to Them

The Intercept

The campaign, which has knocked on more than 200,000 doors in Nevada in the past 17 days, is also getting organizing help from two major Latino groups.

Feb 18, 2020

Biden, Sanders tied for support of Nevada's Latino voters, Telemundo poll finds

NBC News

Telemundo’s poll suggests “this is going to be a close race,” said Juan Proaño, CEO of Plus Three, whose technology company analyzes political and other data.

Feb 13, 2020

Latinos gave over $23M in 2019 to Democrats in presidential race; Sanders got the most

NBC News

The lion's share, $8.3 million, went to Bernie Sanders, who leads in Latino contributions in almost every state and city.

Dec 10, 2019

The Media Have Fallen Out of Love With Bernie, but Have Voters?

The Hill

Sanders has real staying power in this race when you consider his support and strong fundraising. News coverage should reflect that.

Aug 23, 2012

Equality NC Launches New Websites Designed to Better Serve LGBT Community & Allies

Equality NC

Equality NC and Equality NC Foundation today launched two dynamic new websites to better serve the informational and interactive needs of North Carolina’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community and allies. The revamped online presences mark the first major website redesign for Equality NC, North Carolina’s leading LGBT advocacy organization, and the organization’s educational arm, Equality NC Foundation.

Apr 2, 2012

Noncitizens Sue Over U.S. Gay Marriage Ban

The New York Times

As a Plus Three client, Immigration Equality Action Fund leverages our advocacy and fundraising tools to garner support for equality under U.S. immigration law for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and HIV-positive individuals.

Dec 3, 2010

Guest Blogger Series: “Will You Donate $2 Today?”


Every day, more and more Latinos and Latinas are going online. Whether for work, for play or to advance social causes, Latinos are increasing their presence and exercising political will with their laptops and cell phones. The mystery to many Latino advocacy and civil rights organizations has been how to translate that energy into online giving. Obviously, it’s not as simple as many people think or everyone would be flush with donors. Yet, at the same time, it is not as complex as many suggest. The Latino audience is supportive, but like most Americans doesn’t want to be hit up for money every other day. How do you find the balance?

Dec 7, 2009

Media and politics: a brand is a brand for Plus Three

eMedia Vitals

There are similarities between launching an online media brand and a political campaign. Having done both, Plus Three knows both the similarities and the differences.

Jun 1, 2005

Stumping in Cyberspace

Hispanic Business Monthly

"All the candidates and campaign committees we worked with actually gained ground against their counterparts," Mr. Proaño says. Those results assure a permanent place for the Internet in political campaigns. Companies like Plus Three can help candidates use the Internet to accept registrations, track donations, and write letters, blogs, and petitions.

Feb 28, 2005

A Lesson in Open Source


In moving away from its static Web site and paper-based system of membership services, UFT and Plus Three crafted a three-phase approach. The key to success, according to Deirdre Hannigan, Plus Three's vice president of client services, was to move cautiously and maintain tight budgetary control.

Oct 18, 2004

What Your Party Knows about You


Data mining also helps the parties find, and sway, those all-important swing voters. "Now we can identify individuals within a neighborhood, in a state, in a market, where we never would have gone and looked before," says Juan Proaño, president of Plus Three.

Oct 5, 2004

Kerry Campaign Dumps Cash on Web


The DNC also raised $4 million the day of the debate, said Nancy Eiring, director of the DNC's grass-roots fund-raising efforts. Between 9 p.m. and midnight, she said, the party brought in $10,000 a minute. Eiring added that the DNC ads on national websites had a staggeringly high click-through rate of 5 percent.

Aug 24, 2004

Democrats Unleash "Demzilla" on the GOP

Business Intelligence Pipeline

The DNC says that DataMart and Demzilla have enabled the party to increase its number of listed donors from 400,000 at the time of the 2002 elections to "well over a million now," though it won't be more specific. It has also let the DNC cover the costs of prospecting for donations.

Jul 5, 2004

Knowing Their Politics by Their Software

New York Times

David Brunton, who is a founder of Plus Three, a technology and marketing consulting company that has done much of the work on the Democratic and Kerry Web sites, regards open-source software as a technological expression of his political beliefs.

Jun 28, 2004

Plus Three Launches Upgrade Of Fund-Raising Software

Information Week

One of the key companies behind the Democratic National Committee's IT infrastructure--more commonly referred to as Demzilla--on Monday launched the latest version of its open-source fund-raising software. Version 3.1 of Plus Three LP's Arcos software lets fund-raising organizations and political campaigns treat their constituents more like consumers, thanks to business-intelligence features designed to enable more direct marketing.

Jun 28, 2004

Democrats Tap Open Source


"Open-source technologies provide freedom for our clients—both freedom from licensing fees, of which we charge none, as well as, in many cases, freedom from the kinds of attacks that can debilitate more closed alternatives," Brunton said.